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Plastic injection

Plastic products are our specialization. According to our customers’ requirements we produce plastic products and designs across various industrial and commercial segments. The main processes are as follows:

  • Preparation - Project study, design and production preparation
  • Production - plastic injection, printing
  • 3D control - quality check for confirmation and defect product elimination
  • Assembly, plastic components and products completion
  • Delivery - finished products transport to customers or customer designated place

Production Technology

Our available production technology enables us to apply all possibilities in plastic production, according to our customer demands and tight technical specifications. In particular, our products meet the needs and demands of the high quality standards applied in the automotive industry. Further information regarding production technology is available at the Technology page.



As well as providing pressing and assembly services, Chemoplast BEC also has its own plastic products portfolio. The product portfolio illustrates the wide application of our technologies and processes. Besides plastic injected components for the automotive industry there are other areas of plastic products application with commercial use. Especially office goods and plastic toys and games.

Technical plastics

Our products are used for further production processes or assembly.
Technical plastics

Automotive plastics

We produce precise plastic components for automotive industry.
Automotive plastics

Office goods

Plastic folders, plastic stands and stationery and other accessories for office use.
Office goods

Toys and games

Plastic toys and games for children, Cheva building sets, board games. More info on
Toys and games

Window program

Plastic covers for exterior aluminium window-sills. More information on Products.
Window program

Business Solutions

Generally our customers’ needs fall into four main areas:
  • The mould exists – requirement is for production and injection moulding
  • The mould exists – requirement is for modification and sampling
  • Drawing exists –requirement is for mould(s) design and production
  • Requirement is for full service from design to realisation (moulding, printing and assembly)

Reference Industries and Segments

  • Automotive industry – Tier II supplier for VW, Audi, Rolls Royce, Skoda et al.
  • Building industry
  • White goods
  • Consumer electronics
  • Office goods – supplier of all major office goods distributors in CZ/SK
  • Toys and games – Supplier of all major toys stores in CZ/SK

Production Facilities

We provide complete services leading to covering overall plastic production.
  • Complete plastic production realization
  • Technology preparation
  • Plastic part project and design
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Screen printing, tampon printing
  • In-process quality control

About us

Chemoplast BEC has 50 years of tradition and experience in the area of plastic production. Our services cover all processes from project and design, through production preparation and its realization to post-production storage and logistics of finished products. More information on the Solutions page.

About us